Modular synths are usually associated with electronic music, but they can be used to create a wide range of sounds in hip-hop music, including basslines, drums, and textures. Eurorack modular systems are particularly well-suited for hip-hop production due to their versatility and ability to create unique and complex sounds.

Some specific sounds that can be made with Eurorack that work well with hip-hop include:
* Sub-bass: Analog oscillators and filters can be used to create deep, powerful basslines that add weight and impact to a track.
* Drums: Drum modules can be used to create a wide range of percussive sounds, from traditional 808 or 909 kick, snare, and clap sounds to more experimental and unconventional sounds for modern hip-hop.
* Textures: Eurorack is especially helpful for creating complex, evolving textures that add depth and interest to a track.

Several hip-hop artists are known to use Eurorack in their production, including:
* Mike Dean: The producer and engineer known for working with Kanye West and Travis Scott, uses Eurorack in his studio.
* Timbaland: The Grammy-winning producer uses Eurorack in his studio as well.
* Hudson Mohawke: The Scottish producer and DJ uses Eurorack in his live shows and studio production.

Some songs that feature Eurorack sounds in hip-hop include:
* Kanye West - "Ultralight Beam" (produced by Mike Dean)
* Travis Scott - "Goosebumps" (produced by Mike Dean)
* Missy Elliott - "WTF (Where They From)" (produced by Timbaland)
* Hudson Mohawke - "Chimes" (produced by Hudson Mohawke)

Overall, Eurorack modular synths can be used to create a wide range of sounds well-suited for hip-hop production. From deep, powerful basslines to complex, evolving textures, modular synths offer incredible flexibility and creativity in the production process.