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Limited Warranty

Stoel Music Systems warrants that each of its products will be free of manufacturing and assembly defects for a period of (1) one year from the purchase date by the original owner. All warranty claims require proof of purchase. Stoel Music System does not warranty products due to improper installation, including but not limited to, insufficient or defective power supply voltages, installing the power cable backward either on the module or buss board side, or static discharge that damages 5V components.

If the product is deemed defective during the warranty period, Stoel Music Systems will:

  • (1) repair or replace the product at no charge to the customer except for shipping costs to Stoel Music Systems,
  • (2) or, refund the customer the amount of the original price.

If Stoel Music Systems determines the product is damaged by the fault of the customer, Stoel Music Systems will:

  • (1) repair the product (please see repair rates here),
  • (2) or, send the product back at the expense of the customer.

Stoel Music Systems is not liable, either explicit or implied, for any damages to persons or other equipment during the operation of the product. For warranty or repair requests, do not hesitate to contact to obtain a "Return to Manufacturer Authorization" request.

Repairs will not exceed 50% of the original retail value of the product. Customers wishing to get their item repaired will get a quote from a certified technician.