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Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Where’s my stuff? +

Once your order has been received, your items will be shipped within 1-3 days. You will receive a tracking number once the package is shipped. Shipping takes between 2-14 days to arrive depending on the selected shipping method. We know you’re excited, but sometimes good things take time!

Do I get mounting screws, a power cable, and a patch cable with the eurorack module? +

Each eurorack module includes the appropriate amount of M3 screws to fit a standard eurorack case. Each module includes a 12” 10 pin to 16 pin power cable. The exception is the passive modules (like the Dual Multiple) that do not require power. We do not include a patch cable because each system requires different lengths of cable. However, we do include an awesome sticker. Who doesn’t like stickers?

You give away free eurorack modules! How do I get one? +

By signing up for the newsletter, you are automatically entered into the giveaway. As long as you are a subscriber, you will be eligible for each monthly drawing. Occasionally there will be special giveaways. Make sure your signed up for the newsletter to know when they happen!

How do I know if I won a free module? +

The drawing happens once a month (and sometimes more often). The winner is contacted via email so that we can get the shipping address. If the monthly winner does not respond within 14 days, another winner will be chosen. Hopefully they respond.

If I win a module, am I eligible to win another one? +

Yes! Just make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter.

How do I plug my eurorack module in? +

First, make sure the power is turned off and the case is unplugged. Next, plug in the 10 in side of the power cable into the in the module. After mounting the module, plug in the 16 pin side of the cable to the buss board being careful that the cable is seated properly.

I plugged my module into my rack and it doesn’t work. What should I do? +

First, make sure the cable is plugged in the correct direction on the buss board. The red stripe indicates ground. Check the documentation for the backplane to be sure which direction is ground. Also check that your cable is seated properly on the pins. Sometimes only some of the pins make contact or the cable is offset making your module inoperable.

How much power does each eurorack module use? +

Each eurorack has a power specification on the product page. is a great tool for planning your system based on your space and power usage.

What is the warranty on your products? +

See the warranty and repair page.

My module broke and it is out of warranty. What should I do? +

We have a repair service for our products. See the warranty and repair page for rates.