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Buffered Multiple


The Stoel Music Systems Buffered multiple provides precise distribution of signals to up to eight destinations. Pretty much any signal can be distributed with this module–CV, gate, trigger, audio signals, and secret launch codes.

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The Stoel Music Systems Buffered multiple provides precise distribution of control voltages to up to eight destinations. When splitting a control voltage, the voltage will often drop as it is divided to more destinations. This can be a significant problem, especially when controlling the pitch of oscillators. This module provides a separate unity gain buffer amplifier for each output, ensuring that splitting the signal will not affect the level. Both CV and audio signals can be distributed with this module.

All Stoel Music Systems modules feature aluminum front panels with a durable high-gloss white finish. For a crisp appearance and exceptional durability, the front panel markings are digitally printed at high-resolution with UV-cured ink. Mounting holes are plated to significantly reduce screw rash. The power connection features polarity protection to prevent accidental damage to the module if it is connected backward.

Each module includes a 12” long 10-pin to 16-pin ribbon cable compatible with the Eurorack standard, M3 mounting screws, and a complimentary sticker.

What is a buffered multiple?

A buffered multiple module allows accurate signal duplication within a Eurorack modular synthesizer system. A normal, or passive, multiple has multiple output jacks connected to the input jack, allowing the same signal to be sent to multiple destinations. For example, remember when your friends hooked up some Y cables and all listened to the same portable CD player on the school bus? Unfortunately, it didn't get as loud because the amplifier drove more headphones. The same thing happens in Eurorack when you split a signal multiple times.

A buffered multiple solves this problem by adding an amplifier for each output jack. This ensures that the signal does not get loaded down or drift in amplitude, maintaining the precision of the original signal. The precise distribution of control voltages is especially critical for controlling oscillators and within polyphonic setups. A buffered multiple will keep the CV stable, but a passive one will often load down the signal, causing the pitch of oscillators to go flat. Worse still, the inputs of some modules will cause the signal to jump up and down, say when a logic module turns on or off or when an LED blinks. An unsung hero of the Eurorack system, a buffered multiple eliminates these undesired interactions.

A buffered multiple module can be used to send the same CV, LFO, trigger, gate, or audio signal to various modules, such as numerous oscillators or envelopes, to create thicker or more complex sounds involving more Eurorack modules.

More Information

More Information
Color White
+12V Current Draw 14ma
-12V Current Draw 14ma
+5V Current Draw 0ma
Mounting Screws 2
Module Type Utility, Mixer
Mounting Depth 25mm
HP Size 4 HP
Cable Required? Yes
UPC 721205512548
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